#1 Started playing Runescape again and had to find some Runescape Youtubers by poe4orbs 24.12.2016 22:04

Found one I really enjoy watching! Been watching your vids for about 6 months now. They're so entertaining! Doing a great job man. I've been kinda stuck on getting blue vamps from waterfiends for a while now, so i was hoping you could give me a tip on how to kill them efficiently. I'm an ironman with 73 range, I've got void and 45 prayer. So i guess i should be good. 2007RunescapeGold.com OSRS Gold store for cheap RS3 Gold, RS 3 Gold online! Enjoy to buy runescape gold with fast delivery and safe payments at 2007RunescapeGold.com! I run out of supplies straight away, so im pretty sure im doing it wrong... go geno beat the shet out of that stupid scumbag mod!! situation is banned for prayer flicking not botting, retarded jagex bans people for no reason because their detection is retarded and so is their family i hope they all die soon.

I might do the same, go to runevest and some Jagex Jmods up, my 2k total account got bannad for sharing 2days my irl friend who was doing PVM for fun, never bannad before instantly perm-ban im so tempted to do this srsly

Even jagex said he wasn't tick eating/glitching or whatever, he was simply out eating the fogs damage. How is that broken? He was smart enough to win. Well considering it was never against the laws jagex had, woox won fair and square, and mod ash felt bad for it, and offered woox it saying you won in my opinion, therefore there is nothing wrong with taking the money, because he won fair and square

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