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The NFL's most underpaid player at every position | FOX Sports
The NFL s most underpaid player at every position In the NFL, unless youíre a high first-round pick, it often takes some time before youíre paid a substantial amount of money. Obviously, making more than $1 million per year is still a huge annual salary, but compared to other players across the league, itís significantly less.This is largely due to the NFLís current CBA, which throttles rookie contracts. Gone are the days of Jamarcus Russellís six-year, $61 million deal, which is a good thing for teams. Itís also led to a number of players being underpaid despite putting up big numbers on a yearly basis.Weíve put together a list of the most underpaid player at every position, from quarterback to safety. This doesnít include rookies such as Jordan Howard or Michael Thomas and takes into account how long players have been in the NFL.   D. Ross Cameron Carr is in line for a massive payday from the Raiders, one that will certainly make him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. For the time being, though, heís 48th among quarterbacks in annual salary.The Raiders will have to pay their former second-round pick relatively soon as heíll hit free agency after the upcoming season. Thereís no chance Oakland lets Carr get away or allows this situation to turn into one along the lines of Kirk Cousinsí in Washington, so Carr can expect a new contract likely before the season begins. Jamie Squire Despite only being in the NFL for two seasons, Johnson is undoubtedly one of the best running backs in the game today. He put together a historically great year in 2016, racking up more than 2,100 yards from scrimmage. His salary doesnít reflect his production, though, as heís just 66th among running backs in annual compensation https://www.shopsenatorsonline.com/17-colin-greening-jersey.Thatís obviously because heís still on his rookie deal https://www.shopsenatorsonline.com/26-eric-gryba-jersey, which pays him less than most players due to the fact that he was a third-round pick in 2015. Look for the Cardinals to extend him next offseason before his contract expires following the 2018 season. He could get Adrian Peterson-in-his-prime-type money. Hopkins had a down year in 2016, but that was largely because Brock Osweiler was the guy attempting to get him the ball. His lack of production shouldnít worry anyone because when it comes to pure talent, heís one of the best receivers in all of football. You just wouldnít know that by looking at his $1.9 million salary.Texans owner Bob McNair has said recently that the team wants to sign Hopkins long-term, and itíll probably happen relatively soon, but Houston canít afford to let him leave the way Alshon Jeffery left Chicago. Getty Images Getty Images When healthy, Eifert can have an impact similar to that of Rob Gronkowski. Unfortunately, heís had a hard time staying on the field, starting just 15 games the past three seasons. Thatíll likely give the Bengals some pause when it comes time to extend his contract, which currently pays him about $2.1 million per year.Thatís just 40th among all tight ends, and though he hasnít played much the past three years, heís showed what he can do when healthy. In 13 games two years ago, Eifert caught 52 passes for 615 yards and 13 touchdowns Colin White Jersey, making his first Pro Bowl. DIAMOND IMAGES Diamond Images/Getty Images Staleyís play dropped off a bit in 2016, but heís still one of the better left tackles in the league. While it may seem like heís not underpaid at $7.4 million per year, consider this: 17 left tackles earn more than he does on an annual basis. And even though he didnít make the Pro Bowl in 2016, he made it in each of the previous five years.The 49ers shopped him last season, but for a player of his caliber at his low salary, heís essentially a steal. Heíll likely return to his past form in 2017 after he missed three games due to injury last season. Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports Ed Szczepanski Paradis has been in the NFL since 2014, when he was a sixth-round pick, but heís been a starter for only two seasons. In those two years, though, heís played at an extremely high level. The starting center for the Broncosí Super Bowl run a year ago, Paradis is one of the top players at his position.The Broncos got him under contract for this season after he was an exclusive rights free agent, but heís still making just $615,000. Denver will be forced to pay him next offseason, and if he continues to play well, heíll land a substantial raise. Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports Ron Chenoy Itís only a matter of time before the Cowboys lock up Martin, whoís still playing on his rookie deal. Arguably the best right guard in the league https://www.shopsenatorsonline.com/42-matthew-o-connor-jersey, Martin will set a new standard for players at his position when he signs a long-term extension. Itíll probably be more than Kevin Zeitlerís deal with the Browns, which pays him $12 million per year.With Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith already signed for the foreseeable future, Martin is next in line on a great Dallas line to get his due. Jake Roth Just like Derek Carr, Mack is due to be paid any day now. Ideally, the Raiders would probably prefer to spread out their extensions over the next two offseasons, but thereís little doubt both will be signed before the 2018 season begins. As it stands right now, Mack is just the NFL s 28th-highest-paid defensive end.Thatís obviously not fair compensation for the Defensive Player of the Year, but itís not the Raidersí fault. Itís just a matter of him still being on his rookie deal and having to put in his time in the NFL before heís paid accordingly. For the past few years, Donald has been the best defensive tackle in the game. He was named a first-team All-Pro the past two seasons and has made the Pro Bowl all three years heís been in the league. The Rams already have exercised his fifth-year option for 2018, but thereís very little chance he will play on that deal.Instead, Los Angeles will likely sign him to a long-term contract next offseason to keep him around for years to come. With his production and sheer dominance in the middle of the line, he deserves to be the NFL s highest-paid defensive tackle. Kim Klement Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports Ryan Shazier and Telvin Smith are both underpaid linebackers Mark Borowiecki Jersey, but Ogletree gets the nod here based on the fact that heís been in the league for four seasons. He really came into his own in 2016, recording a career-high 136 tackles with two interceptions and a forced fumble.The Rams picked up his fifth-year option for 2017, so heís still under contract, but heís made just $1.8 million per year since coming into the NFL. Expect that number to skyrocket next year when either the Rams or another team in free agency pays him accordingly. Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports Mark J. Rebilas You can bet Rhodes watched several cornerbacks get paid this offseason and began salivating. Heís truly one of the best cornerbacks in all of football Ė a big reason Minnesotaís defense is so strong.Rhodesí contract expires after this season, so you can bet the Vikings will be working toward re-signing him before that happens. The Bills and Texans were unable to do so with Stephon Gilmore and A.J. Bouye, respectively, and both left in free agency. The Vikings canít afford to let that happen to Rhodes, who will command top money on the open market. Clinton-Dix can technically become a free agent after this season, but thatís only if the Packers decline his fifth-year option for 2018. Thatís unlikely to happen, considering the flexibility and extra time it gives Green Bay. Knowing the way GM Ted Thompson works, donít be surprised to see Clinton-Dix locked up before the 2018 season begins.Landon Collins was also a consideration here as an underpaid safety, but heís been in the league for only two years, so he still has some time before heíll land his deserved long-term extension. Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports Raymond Carlin III

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